Christine Plays Viola "Fading"

Christine Plays Viola : revue de presse


Goth Me Out (EN) “They reach a good balance between evolving while remaining true to their identity.”
Threshold Magazine (PT)
WillSonic (F)
MusicZine (NL) “Christine Plays Viola keeps reinventing itself very subtly, looking at a light-footed and always hauntingly dark side”

Spooky Obsessions

Dark Italia (IT)
“CPV are among the most talented and honest bands in the genre[…] a very good LP indeed!” Last Day Deaf (EN)
Schwares Bayern (D)
Snooze Control (NL – English version) + Interview in english
Rock your underground (FR)

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Raskolnikov "Lazy people will destroy you"

Raskolnikov : Revue de presse

” Lazy People Will Destroy You”
Dark Entries (NL)
ByZegut (F) “C’est remarquable, comme une téléportation…”
Rock’n Folk (F)
Unter-tone (D)
La grosse Radio (F) “On plonge dans les tréfonds sombres, mais avec énergie.”
MusicZine (NL)
Paranoid Park (IT)
Les Disquaires de Paris (F)
Artnoir (CH)
Muzzart (F)

“Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall”
Skriber (F-ITW)
Digital Native Associated (F)
Guts of Darkness (CH)
Sanctuary (CZ + live report)
SchwarzeBayern (DE)
Luminous Dash (NL)
Art Noir
Radio Vostok

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She Pleasures Herself - XXX

She Pleasures Herself “XXX” : revue de presse

Threshold Mag (live review w/ videos – PT)

Musiczine (NL)

Dark Entries (NL)

Ascension magazine (IT)

ElectroSpank (EN)
“A really great sequel of a debut album, staying in the dark and gothic side but even more cold.”

ArtNoir (DE)
“Das zweite Album „XXX“ von She Pleasures Herself aus Lissabon glänzt mit düsteren Sound im Post-Punk Anzug und lässt der Fantasie freien Lauf.”

Sanctuary (CZ)

Gangleri (EN)

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