JE T’AIME : revue de presse


Post-Punk (EN)
VerdamMnis Magazine (FR)


Snooze Control (EN)


NightShade (EN – Interview)
Side-Line Reviews (EN-Interview)

Longueur d’Ondes (FR)

Persona (Interview – FR)

Snooze Control (Interview – EN)
Side-Line Magazine (EN) “Je T’Aime is a band you definitely have to discover for their great and personal interpretation of Cold-Wave and Post-Punk.”
Side Line Reviews (EN)
Atmosphere (Radio Interview – FR)
I Die : You Die (EN)
SchwarzesBayern (De)
La Magic Box (FR – interview)
Elektrospank (EN) “JE T’AIME are here to show us that good students can become advanced masters as well.”
Reflexions of Darkness (EN) “JE T’AIME know exactly what they are doing. They succeed in finding space to be original and experimental within genres that felt long-since depleted, and like all the best bands, can write music of vast scope and depth, while having the most awesome time creating it. More, more, more…”
Wallabirzine (FR) “The rhythm is as thrilling as a kid who wants to pee. The guitars quiver and the spasmodic beat eclipses the dead bodies for lyrics of spleen and the intoxication of the dance.”
The Subjectivisten (NL)”Enjoy the old-fashioned way!”
Rock Meeting (FR) “Contract fulfilled, so, for JE T’AIME, which, from now on, is positioned at the level of the best groups of the moment evolving in the same category.”
RSTLSS (FR) “JE T’AIME seduces with its synthetic magnetism, its sinuous and captivating, even tormented melodies…”
Lit Zic (FR)
Best (FR) “It can be listened to from start to finish without problem, it is cold, classy and haunting.”
La Magic Box (FR) “This double Passive/Aggressive is the result of a huge work of compositions, mixed with the digestion of several decades of musical influences. JE T’AIME is a worthy heir to that wonderful era.”
Froggy Delight (FR)
Luminous Dash (NL) “JE T’AIME does not bring yet another revival of the post-punk genre, but expresses the modern grayness of our time. A brilliant release…”
Dans ta face B (FR)
Divertir (FR – interview)
Ahasverus (FR)
Zickma (FR)
My Head is a Jukebox (FR) “A sublime doublet of timeless albums.”
Snooze Control (EN) “New wave / post punk is not dead!”
White Light // White Heat (EN) “In this “Aggressive” incredibly good album, the question is not whether the music “nails” you but more whether you will adapt or be defeated.”
Verdammnis (FR) “JE T’AIME has not finished being sad and drooling for your greatest pleasure.”
Sanctuary (CZ)
Muzzart (FR) “A different atmosphere an opus with a constant scope, without false steps, in perfect extension to its predecessor.”


Electro Spank (EN) ” Je T’ Aime has developed their sound and they are definitely moving forward, making their selves one of the best acts in French post-punk and beyond.”
Snooze Control (EN)
Reflections of Darkness (EN – interview)
Side Line Magazine (EN – interview)
Side-Line Reviews (EN) “Je T’Aime has accomplished a great, mature and passionate album.”
Les Eternels (FR) “For any fan of the decade where Robert Smith reigned in a ruffled master of the Pop-Coldwave planet.”
ArtNoir (DE)
Schwarzesbayern (DE) “The roots are recognisably in the 80s, but JE T’AIME are not content to rest on them, and develop their sound further.”
The New Noise (IT) “The trio releases a clear post-punk work, devoted to the glorious eighties sounds of Factory and new wave, which has an overwhelming freshness and is one of the best things of its kind released in recent months.”
Verdammnis (FR) “With JE T’AIME, the mix of influences and moods works like a charm.”
Verdammnis (FR) Review release party show with photos!
Side Line (EN-Interview for Dirty Trick video)
Music Existence (EN) “JE T’AIME Drowns Its Sorrows In Endless Parties With ‘PASSIVE’”
Onyx (EN) “There isn’t anything that I don’t like about PASSIVE and damn it, that bass alone is purely sexual post-punk candy. ”
AhasVersus (FR) With “Passive” JE T’AIME confirms its status as a major Hexagonal Post Punk and Dark Wave band.
Terra Relicta (EN) “JE T’AIME did a very good album”
Nightshade (DE) “Passive can be enjoyed from front to back and contains numerous highlights.”
Aural Aggravation (EN) “A truly outstanding album.”
Reflections of Darkness (EN) ” It’s complex, burning with energy and heart-rendering with a soft, emotional palette.”
MusicGhouls (DE) “It’s worth listening to the disc several times, because depending on one’s own mood, another song claims to be embraced.”
Muzzart (FR) “JE T’AIME covers a lot of ground without losing its way, refining its approach and elevating its compositions.”
Threshold Mag (PT)


Muzzart (FR)


Reflections of Darkness (interview / EN)
Les éternels (F) + ITW
El Garaje de Frank (interview /ES-F-EN)
Muzzart (FR)
Side Line (EN)
Peek-a-Boo (EN)
Threshold (PT)
(NL) (D)
Wite Light / White Heat
Dark Entries (NL)
Electro Spank (EN)
Threshold Mag (PT)

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