Selfishadows Again

Selfishadows : revue de presse

Amboss Mag (DE) Relics – Controsuoni (IT) “This new work, certainly more heterogeneous than in the past, shows us an artistic maturity now reached.” Threshold Magazine (PT) Post Punk (EN)

Twin Tribes - Shadows

Twin Tribes : Revue de presse

Dark Entries (NL) Obscura Undead (EN – interview) De Subjectivisten (NL) Void Music Mag (ES) Dark Wave Publications (EN – ITW) Obscura Undead (EN – interview) De Subjectivisten (NL) Void Music Mag (ES) Dark Wave Publications (EN – ITW)

Les Tétines Noires

Les Tétines Noires : Presse (HU) Playlist 90’s par Les Tétines Noires @ Oldskool (FR) Playlist 80’s par Les Tétines Noires @ Oldskool (FR) Interview Oldskool (FR) Slime Zine (FR) W-Fenec (FR) L’ayatollah du rock “Cette rétrospective montre que le groupe n’a rien perdu de sa pertinence, musicale comme artistique” La Spirale (FR – interview) Obskure (FR) Musik an […]

She Pleasures Herself - XXX

She Pleasures Herself “XXX” : revue de presse

Threshold Mag (live review w/ videos – PT) Musiczine (NL) Dark Entries (NL) Ascension magazine (IT) ElectroSpank (EN) “A really great sequel of a debut album, staying in the dark and gothic side but even more cold.” ArtNoir (DE) “Das zweite Album „XXX“ von She Pleasures Herself aus Lissabon glänzt mit düsteren Sound im Post-Punk Anzug und […]

Blind Delon : revue de presse

Side-line Reviews (EN) “Cold/Dark-Wave music remains a great source of inspiration for contemporary artists and Blind Delon appears to be one of the most talented ones from their class” The ArtChemist (FR) Les Oreilles Curieuses (FR) ElektroSpank (EN) “Synth wave that sounds more post-punk than ever!” Schwarzes Bayern (DE) “Chimères […] do offer great songs […]

Jackson VanHorn

Jackson VanHorn : revue de presse

L’Autre Monde Radio-Webzine (FR) “The games of opposition, the gap between the lightness of the music and the gravity of the lyrics, carried by this soft and clear voice, make this album a beautiful work of art.” Screaming for years (EN) Dark Life Experience (EN-DE) “Jackson VanHorn brings with “After the Rehearsal” a sophisticated, great […]

Fall Shock Interior

Fall Shock : revue de presse

Side-Line reviews (EN) ElektroSpank (EN) “All songs are a real kick in the pants!!” Schwarzesbayern (DE) “You should definitely listen to Fall Shock” Music Map (IT) “It is a fascinating experience…” Dark Entries (NL) Threshold mag (PT) Ascension Magazine (IT) Obscura Undead (EN)

Christine Plays Viola "Fading"

Christine Plays Viola : revue de presse

Fading Absolution NYC (Interview – EN) Northern Art Music (D) (Review + Interview) “A very successful and varied album, which the nerds of the goth scene should really listen to. All others as well, of course.” Dark Entries (NL) Musiceternal (EN) Last Day Deaf (interview – EN) DarkValencia – Interview (ES/EN) Goth Me Out (EN) […]

Dear Deer - Chew-chew

Dear Deer : revue de presse “Chew-Chew”

El Garage de Frank Interview (EN-FR-ES) Dans ta Face B (Interview – FR) Le Bombardier – interview (F) Guts of Darkness (F) Schwarzesbayern (D) Threshold magazine (PT) Mes encientes font défaut (F) La Letra capital (ES) ArtNoir (D) Dark Entries (NL)