Selfishadows Again

Selfishadows : revue de presse

Ver Sacrum (IT) Side-Line Reviews (EN) Dark Entries (NL) “An album that can resonate far beyond the scene, even if you have to be there at the right time, with the right people in the right place.” Amboss Mag (DE) Relics – Controsuoni (IT) “This new work, certainly more heterogeneous than in the past, shows […]

JE T'AIME - Je t'aime

JE T’AIME : revue de presse

Threshold Mag (PT) LIVE AT GIBUS Muzzart (FR) ALBUM Reflections of Darkness (interview / EN) Les éternels (F) + ITW El Garaje de Frank (interview /ES-F-EN) Muzzart (FR) Side Line (EN) Peek-a-Boo (EN) Threshold (PT) Musiczine (NL) (D) Wite Light / White Heat (EN) Dark Entries (NL) Electro Spank (EN) Threshold Mag (PT)

Twin Tribes Altars

Twin Tribes : Revue de presse

ALTARS Spill Magazine (EN) “this record is a great companion to add to the two previous powerhouse releases from Twin Tribes” Kontrawave (PL) ReGen Magazine (EN) “The album showcases the versatility of Twin Tribes’ sound as well as the diversity of the dark alternative scene as a whole, just as a good remix album should.” […]

Kill Shelter and Antipole A Haunted place

Kill Shelter & Antipole : revue de presse

Everything goes green (EN) I die, You die (EN) “The quality of the record certainly suggests that the team-up is a fertile one.” Raise the Skies – album announcement Sonic Seducer (DE) Destroy Exist (EN) Luminous Dash (NL) White Light White Heat (EN) Sanctuary (CZ) Elektrospank (EN) Dark Life Experience (EN) Post Punk (EN)

Schonwald "Abstraction"

Schonwald “Abstraction” revue de presse

Indie for Bunnies (IT) Unlit (EN) “Best album of the year” Elektrospank (EN) “Abstraction has mysterious and dark profile, its atmosphere sometimes brings you to melancholy and other times to mental uplift.” Side Line (EN) interview Forces parallèles (FR) “SCHONWALD has patiently woven a web in which the emotions of fire and ice will come. […]

Les Tétines Noires

Les Tétines Noires : Presse

Muzzart (FR) interview To Periodico (GR) New Noise (F) OX Magazine (DE) (HU) Playlist 90’s par Les Tétines Noires @ Oldskool (FR) Playlist 80’s par Les Tétines Noires @ Oldskool (FR) Interview Oldskool (FR) Slime Zine (FR) W-Fenec (FR) L’ayatollah du rock “Cette rétrospective montre que le groupe n’a rien perdu de sa pertinence, […]

Raskolnikov "Lazy people will destroy you"

Raskolnikov : Revue de presse

“I don’t want to die from boredom today” Muzzart (FR) ” Lazy People Will Destroy You” ElektroSpank (EN) “Raskolnikov’s “Lazy People Will Destroy You” is a really great come back, 3 years after their debut. With a compact sound, and maturity in every aspect. “ SchwarzesBayern (D) Dark Entries (NL) ByZegut (F) “C’est remarquable, comme […]

She Pleasures Herself - XXX

She Pleasures Herself “XXX” : revue de presse

Threshold Mag (live review w/ videos – PT) Musiczine (NL) Dark Entries (NL) Ascension magazine (IT) ElectroSpank (EN) “A really great sequel of a debut album, staying in the dark and gothic side but even more cold.” ArtNoir (DE) “Das zweite Album „XXX“ von She Pleasures Herself aus Lissabon glänzt mit düsteren Sound im Post-Punk Anzug und […]

Blind Delon : revue de presse

Side-line Reviews (EN) “Cold/Dark-Wave music remains a great source of inspiration for contemporary artists and Blind Delon appears to be one of the most talented ones from their class” The ArtChemist (FR) Les Oreilles Curieuses (FR) ElektroSpank (EN) “Synth wave that sounds more post-punk than ever!” Schwarzes Bayern (DE) “Chimères […] do offer great songs […]