Blind Delon : revue de presse

Les Oreilles Curieuses (FR) ElektroSpank (EN) “Synth wave that sounds more post-punk than ever! Schwarzes Bayern (DE) “Chimères […] do offer great songs that range between post punk and new wave without sinking directly into melancholy.”

Jackson VanHorn : revue de presse

Class of Sounds (PT) “More than a good record, After the Rehearsal is Jackson VanHorn’s starting point for more important flights, since the material presented here owes absolutely nothing to the names of the so-called “post-punk revival”.” Threshold Magazine (PT) Darkness Calling (EN – interview) Spill magazine (EN)

Dear Deer - Chew-chew

Dear Deer : revue de presse “Chew-Chew”

Dans ta Face B (Interview – FR) Le Bombardier – interview (F) Guts of Darkness (F) Schwarzesbayern (D) Threshold magazine (PT) Mes encientes font défaut (F) La Letra capital (ES) ArtNoir (D) Dark Entries (NL)  

The Midnight Computers

The Midnight Computers : revue de presse

Versacrum (IT) “A work of good workmanship, which promises us rosy prospects.” ElektroSpank (EN) “The Midnight Computers, a few months after their birth, released one of the best debut albums of the year!” Goth me Out (EN) “A debut LP is not an easy thing. With the LP Anxious, it is mission accomplished” Dark Entries […]

Velvet Kills Bodi Labyrinth

Velvet Kills revue de presse

Peek-a-Boo (EN – interview) Side Line reviews (interview) Side Line Reviews (EN) “Velvet Kills not only confirm their strong potential, but are still evolving into their cold-wave investigation of the 80s.” Dark Entries (NL) VoidMusic (ES) Muzzart (FR) ElectroSpank (EN) “Velvet Kills created an album, that matches the gothic mysticism of a mind exploration, in […]

Twin Tribes - Ceremony

Twin Tribes “Ceremony” Reviews

Regen Magazine (EN) Forces parallèles (F) Musiczine (NL) Side Line Reviews Threshold Magazine (PT) The Spill (intw + live pics) (EN) Ascension (IT) Post Trash (EN) Dark Entries (NL) Die Seele (EN) Twin Tribes have proved with their new album that they are rightfully considered one of the hopeful acts of the genre… Peek A […]

Christine Plays Viola "Fading"

Christine Plays Viola : revue de presse

Fading Northern Art Music (D) (Review + Interview) “A very successful and varied album, which the nerds of the goth scene should really listen to. All others as well, of course.” Dark Entries (NL) Musiceternal (EN) Last Day Deaf (interview – EN) DarkValencia – Interview (ES/EN) Goth Me Out (EN) “They reach a good balance […]

Les Tétines Noires

Les Tétines Noires : Presse

Dark Entries (NL) Threshold Magazine (PT) Schwarzes Bayern (D) Songazine (FR) VerdamMnis (Interview – F) Obsküre Mag (Interview – F) Obsküre Mag (News – F) Prémonition (News – F)

Kill Shelter - Damage

Kill Shelter : revue de presse

DarkEntries (NL) Schwarzes Bayern (DE) interview Twenty Tens (EN) Threshold Mag (PT) SchwarzesBayern (DE) ElektroSpank (EN) Voidmusic (ES) Sounds and Shadows (EN- interview)