Dear Deer

Dear Deer : press review

Collect and reject Side Line (EN) “Dear Deer sounds like it’s in constant progress” Luminous Dash (B) “With this third album, Dear Deer managed to make us long for the dance floor, but at the same time they managed to incorporate a kind of new sonic serenity into the tracks.” Muzzart (FR) BenzineMag (FR) Muzzart […]


JE T’AIME press review

PASSIVE Side Line Magazine (EN – interview) Side-Line Reviews (EN) “Je T’Aime has accomplished a great, mature and passionate album.” Les Eternels (FR) “For any fan of the decade where Robert Smith reigned in a ruffled master of the Pop-Coldwave planet.” ArtNoir (DE) Schwarzesbayern (DE) “The roots are recognisably in the 80s, but JE T’AIME […]

Winter Severity Index - Disgelo

Winter Severity Index : Press review

Disgelo Side Line reviews (EN) “This album is enjoyable from start until finish” SchwarzesBayern (DE) “It’s a great dark and very atmospheric album […] but at the same time invites to dance.” RockShock (IT) Ascension (IT) Forces Parallèles (FR) “A great surprise!” Muzzart (FR) White Light / White Heat (EN) “The new album is way […]


STRIDULUM : press review

Schwarzesbayern (DE) Terra Relicta (EN) “The darkwave genre with acts like Stridulum is becoming not a mere copy of everything 80s. Marita Volodina and Arkadiy Berg are an example that you can do your own thing, it can be nostalgic, but it can sound fresh and modern.” UNTER.TON (DE) New Noise Magazine (EN) Amboss Mag […]

Kill Shelter and Antipole A Haunted place

Kill Shelter & Antipole: press review

Sounds and Shadows (EN)” I could hear this record 1000 times and find a new detail to zero in on each play through.” Poet Sound (GR) (RU) “Big release” Side Line Review (EN) ““A Haunted Place” is a fully accomplished, dark work, which will appeal for lovers of Dark-Wave and Post-Punk.” Unter-ton (DE) Poet’s […]

Twin Tribes Altars

Twin Tribes : Press Review

ALTARS I Die : You Die (EN) “a genuine standout in a format that generally invites mediocrity” Spill Magazine (EN) “this record is a great companion to add to the two previous powerhouse releases from Twin Tribes” Kontrawave (PL) ReGen Magazine (EN) “The album showcases the versatility of Twin Tribes’ sound as well as the […]

Jackson VanHorn “A Silent Understanding”

Jackson VanHorn: press review

A Silent Understanding Sound & Vision (ES) “Jackson VanHorn: painting silhouettes of light in the romantic darkness” Muzzart (FR) Side Line (EN) “The dark interpretation has something enlightening…” Class of Sounds (PT) “The fact that sadness always permeates VanHorn’s works is already remarkable, but it wouldn’t help much if he didn’t challenge himself to come […]

1919 "Citizens of Nowhere"

1919: press review

Side Line (EN) Dark Life Experience (EN) “Citizen Of Nowhere is our favorite new album of 2021.” Louder than war (EN) “1919 have stepped forward; they haven’t sounded this this tense, this hungry “ Ascension (IT)

candélabre for to have time is to have wings

Candélabre : Press review

Undaobscura (EN) “Warm and cool, cozy and refreshing, an inviting and enchanting mix.” Side Line Reviews (EN) “The work is mixing pure dark 80s influences, mixing Cold-Wave and Dream-Pop.” Longueurs d’Ondes (Interview – FR) Obsküre (FR) L’Autre Monde (FR)