JE T’AIME press review

AGGRESSIVE Reflexions of Darkness (EN) “JE T’AIME know exactly what they are doing. They succeed in finding space to be original and experimental within genres that felt long-since depleted, and like all the best bands, can write music of vast scope and depth, while having the most awesome time creating it. More, more, more…” Wallabirzine […]

The Midnight Computers

The Midnight Computers: press review

Side Line Reviews (EN) “The Midnight Computers is a real hot discovery, which I can only, but highly recommend to discover!” Versacrum (IT) “A work of good workmanship, which promises us rosy prospects.” ElektroSpank (EN) “The Midnight Computers, a few months after their birth, released one of the best debut albums of the year!” Goth […]

Ain Soph Aur - Chants deruines

AinSophAur : press review

Buzz on Web (FR – interview) Longueur d’Ondes (FR) Rock, Made in France (FR) CHOSES VUES, LUES ET ENTENDUES (FR)

Kill Shelter "Asylum"

Kill Shelter : press review

ASYLUM Schwarzes Bayern (DE) Industrial Complexx (EN – interview) Luminous Dash (NL) ReGen Magazine (EN – interview) Electro Spank (EN) The Goth/Post-Punk Revival (EN) “perfect musical nourishment for dark souls” Soundcheck (GR) I Die : You Die (EN) Peek a Boo (EN) Volt (DE) The Atmosphere (PT) Onyx Music reviews (EN – interview) Onyx Music […]

Dear Deer

Dear Deer : press review

Collect and reject Best Magazine (FR) “Don’t miss it” Longueur d’Ondes (FR) Side Line (EN) “Dear Deer sounds like it’s in constant progress” Luminous Dash (B) “With this third album, Dear Deer managed to make us long for the dance floor, but at the same time they managed to incorporate a kind of new sonic […]

Nox Novacula Ascension

Nox Novacula: press review

Jeu d’Ombre (FR  – Interview) UndaObscura (EN) Leo Diaz (ES) Side Line Reviews (EN) “Nox Novacula is a name to keep in mind” I Die : You Die (EN)  “Listen to the title track for a great example of how tense and edgy the band can sound while keeping the mix nice and balanced.” Goth […]


STRIDULUM : press review

Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Its is very successful, A very beautiful, highly recommended discovery.” Schwarzesbayern (DE) Terra Relicta (EN) “The darkwave genre with acts like Stridulum is becoming not a mere copy of everything 80s. Marita Volodina and Arkadiy Berg are an example that you can do your own thing, it can be nostalgic, but it […]

Winter Severity Index - Disgelo

Winter Severity Index : Press review

Disgelo Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Wonderful” Vers Sacrum (IT) “Disgelo is an exciting album.” La letra capital (ES) “Disgelo is certainly one of the best albums of the year in this style” Side Line reviews (EN) “This album is enjoyable from start until finish” SchwarzesBayern (DE) “It’s a great dark and very atmospheric album […] but […]

Kill Shelter and Antipole A Haunted place

Kill Shelter & Antipole: press review

Sounds and Shadows (EN)” I could hear this record 1000 times and find a new detail to zero in on each play through.” Poet Sound (GR) (RU) “Big release” Side Line Review (EN) ““A Haunted Place” is a fully accomplished, dark work, which will appeal for lovers of Dark-Wave and Post-Punk.” Unter-ton (DE) Poet’s […]