Aux Animaux "Body Horror"

Aux Animaux: Press review

Other Voices (ES)
Schwarzesbayern (DE)
Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “There is nothing to criticize about this album, which is mastered from start to finish.”
Side Line reviews (EN) “A surprising work with an interesting potential; this is a promising debut full length.”
Side Line (EN – about “Venus Lucifer” video) (EN – about “Venus Lucifer” video)
El Garaje de Frank (EN-ES)
Kollektiva (HU – Interview)
Verdammnis “(FR) Aux Animaux’s first album is a mix of nightmare, spiritualist session and walk among tombs”
Forces Parallèles (FR)”In these sometimes aseptic times, this dark breeze is certainly a salvation.”
Hymn (SE)
Side Line (EN)
Kollektiva (HU) “Body Horror is the darkest album of the YEAR.”
Sanctuary (CZ)
Post-punk (EN) “Body Horror, in its exploration of the grotesque and the deeply personal, is both disconcerting and intriguing.”
Reflection of Darkness (EN- interview)

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