FALL SHOCK "Universal Unit Crime"

Fall Shock : press review

Side Line reviews (EN) “Fall shock has made a serious step forward unleashing a great match between different influences. ” Unlit (EN) “Whether listening or dancing, these urgent tracks call out to us in the here and now with deep musical roots into the past.” Side-Line reviews (EN) ElektroSpank (EN) “All songs are a real […]

THE CEMETARY GIRLZ"L'Envol du Corbeau"

The Cemetary Girlz: Press review

Side Line (EN) Obskure (FR) “Beauty is tangible” Mick Mercer (EN) “As fabulous as ever.” Dark Entries (NL) “The Cemetary Girlz still show how to preserve the magic and intensity of gothic” Forcres Parallèles (FR) “This album is unquestionably a success.” Antblog


JE T’AIME press review

JE T’AIME (DELUXE / REMASTERED) Snooze Control (EN) AGGRESSIVE NightShade (EN – Interview) Side-Line Reviews (EN-Interview) Longueur d’Ondes (FR) Persona (Interview – FR) Snooze Control (Interview – EN) Side-Line Magazine (EN) “Je T’Aime is a band you definitely have to discover for their great and personal interpretation of Cold-Wave and Post-Punk.” Side Line Reviews (EN) […]

Dear Deer

Dear Deer concerts 2023

10.02.2023: F-Arras Hotel de Guignes 24.02.2023: F-Reignier – Le Poulpe 25.02.2023: DE-Konstanz 17.03.2023: IT-TBA 18.03.2023: IT-Verona 31.03.2023: TBA 29.04.2023: DE-Berlin Dark spring fest 13.05.2023: BE-Bruxelles 01.07.2023: F-Mainsquare festival (Arras)



27.01 FISCIANO IT https://fb.me/e/2v4Lrm4qO 28.01 ROME IT https://fb.me/e/2oPGQrsLX 08.02 CHAMBERY FR https://fb.me/e/4YBk4eOjd 09.02 LYON FR https://fb.me/e/3aun7KPTW 10.02 GENEVA CH Post Tenebras Rock – L’Usine 24.02 PARIS FR https://fb.me/e/3bZ07sQpX 14.04 STRASBOURG FR Molodoï 15.04 BRUSSELS BE https://fb.me/e/2oKI2Y5ZN 05.05 HANOVER DE Bruits De La Cave 28.05 LEIPZIG DE https://fb.me/e/2xJPfYq55

Kill Shelter "Asylum"

Kill Shelter : press review

ASYLUM Anti-Social Media (EN) Soundscape (EN – Interview) “I owe a lot of people a lot of drinks.” El Garaje de Frank (EN/ES) Side Line (EN – Interview) Schwarzes Bayern (DE) Industrial Complexx (EN – interview) Luminous Dash (NL) ReGen Magazine (EN – interview) Electro Spank (EN – Review) Electro Spank (EN – News) The […]


STRIDULUM : press review

Jeu d’Ombres (FR- Interview) Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Its is very successful, A very beautiful, highly recommended discovery.” Schwarzesbayern (DE) Terra Relicta (EN) “The darkwave genre with acts like Stridulum is becoming not a mere copy of everything 80s. Marita Volodina and Arkadiy Berg are an example that you can do your own thing, it can […]

The Midnight Computers

The Midnight Computers: press review

ROMANTIC DISASTER Dark Life Experience (EN/DE) “one of the best albums we have heard in 2022” Schwarzes Bayern (DE) “The pieces are correspondingly complex and there are always small surprises.” The Subjectivisten (NL) “A sublime and certainly not a difficult second album!” Dark Entries (NL) “Electronically controlled post-punk, cut for the dance floor and clinging […]

Ain Soph Aur - Chants deruines

AinSophAur : press review

Buzz on Web (FR – interview) Longueur d’Ondes (FR) Rock, Made in France (FR) CHOSES VUES, LUES ET ENTENDUES (FR)

Dear Deer

Dear Deer : press review

Collect and reject Best Magazine (FR) “Don’t miss it” Longueur d’Ondes (FR) Side Line (EN) “Dear Deer sounds like it’s in constant progress” Luminous Dash (B) “With this third album, Dear Deer managed to make us long for the dance floor, but at the same time they managed to incorporate a kind of new sonic […]

Winter Severity Index - Disgelo

Winter Severity Index : Press review

Disgelo Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Wonderful” Vers Sacrum (IT) “Disgelo is an exciting album.” La letra capital (ES) “Disgelo is certainly one of the best albums of the year in this style” Side Line reviews (EN) “This album is enjoyable from start until finish” SchwarzesBayern (DE) “It’s a great dark and very atmospheric album […] but […]

Kill Shelter ft Agent Side Grinder

Kill Shelter, Asylum, new album new video single

Third album for Kill Shelter. After “Damage” (2018) and the acclaimed “A Haunted Place” (2021) with Antipole, the Edinburgh based multi-instrumentalist, producer and remixer Pete Burns comes back with “Asylum”. Again Kill Shelter involves many prestigious personalities of the Post Punk / Darkwave scene in its universe, with collaborations with Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox), […]

Norma Loy "Ouroboros"

Norma Loy: Press review

Indiemoodd (FR) “NORMA LOY à travers cette collection de reprises, prouve une fois encore son pouvoir créatif en incluant à son propre univers celui de ses artistes fondateurs.” Obsküre (FR/Interview) Side Line Reviews (EN) “the way this opus has been accomplished is absolutely great and magical” Songazine (FR) Blitz (FR) “Un grand album à posséder […]

She Pleasures Herself “XXX” : press review

Regenmag (EN) Musiczine (NL) Dark Entries (NL) Ascension magazine (IT) ElectroSpank (EN) “A really great sequel of a debut album, staying in the dark and gothic side but even more cold.” ArtNoir (DE) “Das zweite Album „XXX“ von She Pleasures Herself aus Lissabon glänzt mit düsteren Sound im Post-Punk Anzug und lässt der Fantasie freien Lauf.” Sanctuary […]

Schonwald "Abstraction"

Schonwald “Abstraction” Press review

Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Another sublime album from the Italian duo.” Indie for Bunnies (IT) Unlit (EN) “Best album of the year” Elektrospank (EN) “Abstraction has mysterious and dark profile, its atmosphere sometimes brings you to melancholy and other times to mental uplift.” Side Line (EN) interview Forces parallèles (FR) “SCHONWALD has patiently woven a web […]