Date at Midnight "Fading into this Grace"

Date at Midnight: revue de presse

“Fading into this Grace”

DJ DE’ATH (EN) “Not only their best album so far, but one of the top 10 Goth albums of 2024! A Gothic masterpiece!”
Mick Mercer (EN) “Wonderful modern Goth album”
Ascension Magazine (IT) “Powerful, epic and intense songs that highlight a pressing rhythm section…”
Betreutes Proggen (DE)
Ver Sacrum (IT)

“Resistance Resilience”

Versacrum (IT)
Rosa Elvaggia (IT)
Frastuoni (IT)
Ascension mag (IT)
Dark Entries (NL)
Darkroom magazine (IT)
The sound in the attic (EN)
Darkroom Magazine (IT)
La letra capital (ES)
Rockerilla (IT)

“Songs To Fall And Forget”

Frastuoni (IT)
Art Noir (G)
La Letra Capital (E)
Rosa Selvaggia (IT)
Frastuoni (IT)
Art Noir (G)
La Letra Capital (E)

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