STRIDULUM : revue de presse


Darker Side of Music (EN – Video interview)
Jeu d’ombre (FR) “Paradigm” is one of the best releases of the end of the year, establishing Stridulum as one of the essential bands on today’s scene.”
Forces Parallèles (FR) “Les Polonais par leur qualité mélodique et vocale apportent à un genre qui peine à se renouveler une très belle bouffée d’oxygène. Merci à eux !”
Santuary (CZ) (EN) “Paradigm offers a haunting yet satisfying listening experience, leaving an impression of pleasant desolation.”
Darker Than Black, Blacker Than Hate (PL)

“Soothing Tales of Escapism”

Jeu d’Ombres (FR – Interview)
Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Its is very successful, A very beautiful, highly recommended discovery.”
Schwarzesbayern (DE)
Terra Relicta (EN) “The darkwave genre with acts like Stridulum is becoming not a mere copy of everything 80s. Marita Volodina and Arkadiy Berg are an example that you can do your own thing, it can be nostalgic, but it can sound fresh and modern.”
New Noise Magazine (EN)
Amboss Mag (DE) “The smorgasbord of sounds fascinates with its attention to detail, while the surface takes a journey back to the 80s. The culmination of the whole thing is of course the wonderful singing by Marita.”
Darkest Wave (EN) “Soothing Tales of Escapism is a delicious delight to the ears and the soul. ” (EN/DE)
Side Line (EN) The main strength of this debut album is the angelic signing of Marita Volodina.”
Terra Relicta (EN)
Post-Punk (EN) “In a noteworthy contrast to the coldness of the synths, the highly expressive vocals of Volodina revolve around themes of despair, desire, loss, and transformation.”
Darker Side of Music (EN) “wow what an incredible album”
Darker than black, Blacker than hate (PL)

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