Raskolnikov "Lazy people will destroy you"

Raskolnikov : Revue de presse

“I don’t want to die from boredom today”
Dark Entires (NL) “Raskolnikov turns out to be one of the best new post punk acts in the scene that you should definitely see live after these damned corona times.”
Muzzart (FR)

Live interview (2021)

” Lazy People Will Destroy You”
ElektroSpank (EN) “Raskolnikov’s “Lazy People Will Destroy You” is a really great come back, 3 years after their debut. With a compact sound, and maturity in every aspect. “
SchwarzesBayern (D)
Dark Entries (NL)
ByZegut (F) “C’est remarquable, comme une téléportation…”
Rock’n Folk (F)
Unter-tone (D)
La grosse Radio (F) “On plonge dans les tréfonds sombres, mais avec énergie.”
MusicZine (NL)
Paranoid Park (IT)
Les Disquaires de Paris (F)
Artnoir (CH)
Muzzart (F)

“Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall”
Skriber (F-ITW)
Digital Native Associated (F)
Guts of Darkness (CH)
Sanctuary (CZ + live report)
SchwarzeBayern (DE)
Luminous Dash (NL)
Art Noir
Radio Vostok

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