Schonwald "Abstraction"

Schonwald “Abstraction” Press review

Ascension (IT) “Abstraction” is an excellent record, for an Italian band to be proud of!
Nemesis (IT)
MUZZART (FR) “At the crossroads of claimed styles, Schonwald has found its place.”

Amboss Mag (DE) “This album offers a lot for many.”
Side-Line Reviews (EN) “Schonwald confirms to be one of the most talented ‘Post-Punk’ formations of the past years.”
Schwazesbayern (DE) “Schonwald know how to create melancholy moods and to celebrate them continuously until the thoughts leave the real world and conjure up other images. ”
ArtNoir (DE) “With “Abstraction” Schonwald present themselves from a darker side and lift their sound to a new level of passion.”
XSilence (FR) “A real success – 16/20”
Threshold Magazine (PT) “From the strong disc, themes such as the incredible dream-pop ballad “Violet”, the captivating adrenaline injection of “Inner Sin” or the futuristic “Echo’s Dream”.”
Wavepress (PL)
Parco Paranoico (IT) “The Schonwalds manage to synthesize, in fact, the most material, full-bodied and vibrant element, connected to the rhythms and post-punk sounds, with the more ethereal and reflective darkwave element”
Reflections of Darkness (EN) “This is an excellent album by a band at their peak…”

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