Schonwald "Abstraction"

Schonwald “Abstraction” Press review

Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Another sublime album from the Italian duo.” Indie for Bunnies (IT) Unlit (EN) “Best album of the year” Elektrospank (EN) “Abstraction has mysterious and dark profile, its atmosphere sometimes brings you to melancholy and other times to mental uplift.” Side Line (EN) interview Forces parallèles (FR) “SCHONWALD has patiently woven a web […]


Schonwald “Fall Appart”, new video, new album

SCHONWALD has just released a new foggy video single “Fall Appart”. This song is taken from the new album of the Italian duo Dark Wave / Shoegaze entitled “Abstraction”. 💚 The release is scheduled for November 20th in Digipack, Translucent Green Vinyl and Digital formats, and is available for pre-order today  

Schonwald - Night Idyll

Schonwald Night Idyll tour

01 Apr The Shelter – Malta+DaDa,LVX and many more 15 Apr Kalte Sterne Fest – Frankfurt +TheKVB, ASG, Qual 16 Apr KALTE STERNE Fest – Oberhausen 19 May Cueva Rock – Cagliari +DigitalDisorder,Uncodified 08 Jun Bus Palladium – Paris + Soror Dolorosa CANCELED 09 JUIN : Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire 08 Sep NCN – Nocturnal Culture Night – Leipzig 25 Nov SOUNDFIELDS WAVE – Deinze […]

Schonwald - Night Idyll

Schonwald “Night Idyll”: press review

Art Noir (DE) « Fact is though that almost everything is beautiful in its conception, herein. » Gothpost (EN) « Night Idyll is a carefully chiseled piece of dark pop that sounds really fascinating everywhere, in the club, in the car, in home » Die Seele (EN) Wavepressblog (PL)