The Midnight Computers

The Midnight Computers : revue de presse


Dark Life Experience (EN/DE) “one of the best albums we have heard in 2022”
Schwarzes Bayern (DE) “The pieces are correspondingly complex and there are always small surprises.”
The Subjectivisten (NL) “A sublime and certainly not a difficult second album!”
Dark Entries (NL) “Electronically controlled post-punk, cut for the dance floor and clinging to the fickleness of this era.”
Frontière Rock (FR – Interview)
ArtNoir (DE) “a successful cocktail of cold wave, punk and a dash of noise.”


Side Line Reviews (EN) “The Midnight Computers is a real hot discovery, which I can only, but highly recommend to discover!”
Versacrum (IT) “A work of good workmanship, which promises us rosy prospects.”
ElektroSpank (EN) “The Midnight Computers, a few months after their birth, released one of the best debut albums of the year!”
Goth me Out (EN) “A debut LP is not an easy thing. With the LP Anxious, it is mission accomplished”
Dark Entries (NL) “Are these The Midnight Computers the next big thing in post punk country…”
Peek-a-Boo magazine (EN) “Who knew anxiety could be this exciting!”
Ascension Magazine (IT) “Imagine Ash Code, Hapax or Undertheskin being meaner.”
Muzzart (F) “No loss of shape, no loss of speed: Anxious remains optimal, punchy.”

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