Kill Shelter "Asylum"

Kill Shelter : revue de presse

Anti-Social Media (EN)
Soundscape (EN – Interview) “I owe a lot of people a lot of drinks.”
El Garaje de Frank (EN/ES)
Side Line (EN – Interview)
Schwarzes Bayern (DE)
Industrial Complexx (EN – interview)
Luminous Dash (NL)
ReGen Magazine (EN – interview)
Electro Spank (EN – Review)
Electro Spank (EN – News)
The Goth/Post-Punk Revival (EN) “perfect musical nourishment for dark souls”
Soundcheck (GR)
I Die : You Die (EN)
Peek a Boo (EN)
Volt (DE)
Cvltartes (EN – Interview)
Dark Entries (NL)
The Atmosphere (PT)
Onyx Music reviews (EN – interview)
Onyx Music reviews (EN) “Musically, Asylum really has everything you could want, with fantastic melodies and brilliant collaborations but the kicker is the humanity at its core.”
Side Line reviews (EN) “Pete Burns first of all confirms to be one of the hottest new coming artists from the Cold-Wave scene. ”

DarkEntries (NL)
Schwarzes Bayern (DE) interview
Twenty Tens (EN)
Threshold Mag (PT)
SchwarzesBayern (DE)
ElektroSpank (EN)
Voidmusic (ES)
Sounds and Shadows (EN- interview)
GothPostPunkRevival (EN)

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