Winter Severity Index - Disgelo

Winter Severity Index : Press review

Jeu d’Ombre (FR) “Wonderful”
Vers Sacrum (IT) “Disgelo is an exciting album.”
La letra capital (ES) “Disgelo is certainly one of the best albums of the year in this style”
Side Line reviews (EN) “This album is enjoyable from start until finish”
SchwarzesBayern (DE) “It’s a great dark and very atmospheric album […] but at the same time invites to dance.”
RockShock (IT)
Ascension (IT)
Forces Parallèles (FR) “A great surprise!”
Muzzart (FR)
White Light / White Heat (EN) “The new album is way deeper and seemingly looser than their previous ones, controlled dark at times and with a huge inner groove all over.”
I Die: You Die (EN)


Slanting Ray:
De Subjectivsten (NL)


Katabasis :
De Subjectivsten (NL)

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