TRAITRS tour – fall 2019

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8.31 Fade In Festival, Leiria, Portugal (w/ She Wants Revenge, LIGHT ASYLUM, Siglo XX, Actors)
9.6 Kulttempel, Oberhausen Germany (w/She Past Away)
9.7 Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
9.8 NCN, Deutzen, Germany (w/She Past Away)
9.13 Slow Club, Freiburg, Germany (w/ Stockhaussen)
9.15 BASTA, Görlitz, Germany
9.17 Grand Cafe, Szeged, Hungary
9.19 Kafe Kult, Munich, Germany
9.20 Minicave, Münster, Germany
27.09 Nacheltben, Frankfurt, Germany (w/ Minuit Machine)
28.09 Tsunami Club, Cologne, Germany (w/ defekt 86)
10.12 Return to the Batcave, Wroclaw, Poland
10.14 Kuntskeller o27, Nuremberg, Germany (w/ esses)
10.18 Club Vaudeville, Lindau, Germany (w/She Past Away)
10.19 Musigburg, AArburg, Switzerland (w/She Past Away and Crying Vessel)
10.25 Rotterdam, Netherlands TBA
10.26 Schatteneck, Detmold, Germany (w/ Brigitte Handley)
10.31 TBA 11.01 L’ecurie, Geneva, Switzerland (w/Dear Deer)
11.05 L’International, Paris, France (w/Dear Deer) NEW DATE, NEW PLACE!
11.08 SO36, Berlin, Germany (w/She Past Away)
11.09 Baracke 5 e V. Stadt, Ilmenau, Germany (w/ SUIR and XTR HUMAN)