Dear Deer - Chew-chew

Dear Deer : revue de presse “Chew-Chew”

More than Sounds – Interview (FR) El Garage de Frank Interview (EN-FR-ES) Dans ta Face B (Interview – FR) Le Bombardier – interview (F) Guts of Darkness (F) Schwarzesbayern (D) Threshold magazine (PT) Mes encientes font défaut (F) La Letra capital (ES) ArtNoir (D) Dark Entries (NL)  

Kill Shelter and Antipole A Haunted place

Kill Shelter & Antipole : revue de presse (RU) “Big release” Side Line Review (EN) ““A Haunted Place” is a fully accomplished, dark work, which will appeal for lovers of Dark-Wave and Post-Punk.” Unter-ton (DE) Poet’s Sound (GR) Obscura undead (EN) (Video review) Ascension Magazine (IT) “An ideal soundtrack for gloomy autumn days” ViolaNoir (RU) “Great release. 9/10” El Garaje de Frank (EN/ES) […]

Nox Novacula Ascension

Nox Novacula : revue de presse

Leo Diaz (ES) Side Line Reviews (EN) “Nox Novacula is a name to keep in mind” I Die : You Die (EN)  “Listen to the title track for a great example of how tense and edgy the band can sound while keeping the mix nice and balanced.” Goth News (IT) Parco Paranoico (IT) (EN) […]


JE T’AIME concerts automne 2021

28.10 – PARIS (FR) – L’International Twin Tribes & JE T’AIME à L’International (jeudi 28/10) 31.10 – MONTPELLIER (FR) – Ex Tenebris Lux Festival HALLOWEEN EN EGLISE 05.11 – HANOVER (DE) – Le Bruit De La Cave Underground Paris 06.11 – HAMELIN (DE) – Autumn Moon Festival Autumn Moon 03.12 – REIGNIER (FR) – Le […]


Soirée en Hommage à Hervé

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain. New party in tribute to Hervé, with friends, times … Friday October 15th 2021 from 06:00 to 11:45 at L’international 5 rue Moret, Paris 11 Métro : Ménilmontant (L2), Oberkampf (L5 et L9), Parmentier (L3)

candélabre for to have time is to have wings

Candélabre : revue de presse

Side Line Reviews (EN) “The work is mixing pure dark 80s influences, mixing Cold-Wave and Dream-Pop.” Longueurs d’Ondes (Interview – FR) Obsküre (FR) L’Autre Monde (FR)


STRIDULUM : revue de presse

Post-Punk (EN) “In a noteworthy contrast to the coldness of the synths, the highly expressive vocals of Volodina revolve around themes of despair, desire, loss, and transformation.”