Kill Shelter and Antipole A Haunted place

Kill Shelter & Antipole: press review

Unter-ton (DE) Poet’s Sound (GR) Obscura undead (EN) (Video review) Ascension Magazine (IT) “An ideal soundtrack for gloomy autumn days” ViolaNoir (RU) “Great release. 9/10” El Garaje de Frank (EN/ES) Stereo Embers (EN) “… a monumental pairing”  Schwarzesbayern (DE) “A haunted place is a hot candidate for album of the year and is therefore a must […]

Stridulum bleeding

Stridulum new video single “Bleeding”

Announcing their debut album Soothing Tales of Escaping, on Manic Depression this autumn, the Polish Dark Synth Wave band reveals on a new video single for “Bleeding”, following the two singles Ghost and Collapse.

Nox Novacula

Nox Novacula debut video for new album

Seattle based Goth’n Roll band Nox Novacula releases a beautiful and catchy debut video “Last Will and Testament” on Announcing their new album “Ascension” due on May 28 in vinyl and digital on Manic Depression Records & Events and CD on Bat-Cave Productions

Candélabre : “Endless Ride”

The band from Toulouse announces their new album “For to have time is to have wings” with the release of a new video “Endless Ride”. The album edited in vinyl, digipack and digital will be released on May 7 and is already in pre-order here.

Selfishadows Again

Selfishadows : press review

Ver Sacrum (IT) Side-Line Reviews (EN) Dark Entries (NL) “An album that can resonate far beyond the scene, even if you have to be there at the right time, with the right people in the right place.” Amboss Mag (DE) Relics – Controsuoni (IT) “This new work, certainly more heterogeneous than in the past, shows […]

Schonwald "Abstraction"

Schonwald “Abstraction” Press review

Indie for Bunnies (IT) Unlit (EN) “Best album of the year” Elektrospank (EN) “Abstraction has mysterious and dark profile, its atmosphere sometimes brings you to melancholy and other times to mental uplift.” Side Line (EN) interview Forces parallèles (FR) “SCHONWALD has patiently woven a web in which the emotions of fire and ice will come. […]

Jackson VanHorn Reworks EP

Jackson VanHorn “After the Rehearsal – Reworks” Digital EP

Following the release of his latest album “After the Rehearsal” in vinyl/cassette and digital via Manic Depression/Icy Cold in October, the Indianapolis-based artist offers the public an alternative version of some of his songs. More electronic, more abstract, the already cold and disillusioned songs try to offer, without much hope, a groovier vision of the […]

Selfishadows “Time to change” No More remix

As we happily leave the year 2020, and have finally received Selfishadows’ vinyl, let’s celebrate this moment with the video of the remix of “Time to change” by the timeless and cult band NO MORE This track is exclusively available in the digital version of the album.

Ghostland Don't Wait

Ghostland “Don’t Wait” video

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the release of the debut album “Dances on Walls”, Ghostland has just released a new colorful and vaporous video for the song “Don’t wait”, exclusively on

Nox Novacula Ascension

Nox Novacula: press review

I Die : You Die (EN)  “Listen to the title track for a great example of how tense and edgy the band can sound while keeping the mix nice and balanced.” Goth News (IT) Parco Paranoico (IT) (EN) L’Autre Monde (FR)


STRIDULUM : press review

Post-Punk (EN) “In a noteworthy contrast to the coldness of the synths, the highly expressive vocals of Volodina revolve around themes of despair, desire, loss, and transformation.”

Twin Tribes Altars

Twin Tribes : Press Review

ALTARS I Die : You Die (EN) “a genuine standout in a format that generally invites mediocrity” Spill Magazine (EN) “this record is a great companion to add to the two previous powerhouse releases from Twin Tribes” Kontrawave (PL) ReGen Magazine (EN) “The album showcases the versatility of Twin Tribes’ sound as well as the […]

1919 Singing the Universe

1919 : nouveau single video

Digital Version[/su_button] “Singing the Universe” from “Citizens of Nowhere” to be released in June 2021

1919 "Citizens of Nowhere"

1919: press review

Louder than war (EN) “1919 have stepped forward; they haven’t sounded this this tense, this hungry “

JE T'AIME - Je t'aime

JE T’AIME press review

Ahasverus (FR) Threshold Mag (PT) LIVE AT GIBUS Muzzart (FR) ALBUM Reflections of Darkness (interview / EN) Les éternels (F) + ITW El Garaje de Frank (interview /ES-F-EN) Muzzart (FR) Side Line (EN) Peek-a-Boo (EN) Threshold (PT) Musiczine (NL) (D) Wite Light / White Heat (EN) Dark Entries (NL) Electro Spank (EN) Threshold Mag […]