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Twin Tribes : Revue de presse


I Die : You Die (EN) “a genuine standout in a format that generally invites mediocrity”
Spill Magazine (EN) “this record is a great companion to add to the two previous powerhouse releases from Twin Tribes”
Kontrawave (PL)
ReGen Magazine (EN) “The album showcases the versatility of Twin Tribes’ sound as well as the diversity of the dark alternative scene as a whole, just as a good remix album should.”
Sounds & Shadows (EN)
Sound &Shadows (EN – Best of 2021)


Regen Magazine (EN)
Forces parallèles (F)
Musiczine (NL)
Side Line Reviews
Threshold Magazine (PT)
The Spill (intw + live pics) (EN)
Ascension (IT)
Post Trash (EN)
Dark Entries (NL)
Die Seele (EN) “Twin Tribes have proved with their new album that they are rightfully considered one of the hopeful acts of the genre…”
Peek A Boo (EN) “With introspective lyrics, dark melodic and mature song construction, Twin Tribes hold their own alongside darkwave, post-punk brethren like She Past Away, Selofan, Lebanon Hanover, Geometric Vision, and others.”
Spill Magazine (EN)
Forces Parallèles (F)
Wave Press (PL)
ElektroSpank (EN)
Obscura Undead video review (EN)
Theshold Mag (PT)
Snooze Control (NLEN)
Rock’n Roll Fables (EN)
Post (EN)
Dark Beauty Interview (EN)
I Die:You Die (EN)
Sound & Shadows Podcast (EN)


Forces parallèles (FR)

Dark Entries (NL)
Obscura Undead (EN – interview)
De Subjectivisten (NL)
Void Music Mag (ES)
Dark Wave Publications (EN – ITW)
Obscura Undead (EN – interview)
De Subjectivisten (NL)
Void Music Mag (ES)
Dark Wave Publications (EN – ITW)

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