Jackson VanHorn “A Silent Understanding”

Jackson VanHorn : revue de presse

A Silent Understanding

Sound & Vision (ES) “Jackson VanHorn: painting silhouettes of light in the romantic darkness”
Muzzart (FR)
Side Line (EN) “The dark interpretation has something enlightening…”
Class of Sounds (PT) “The fact that sadness always permeates VanHorn’s works is already remarkable, but it wouldn’t help much if he didn’t challenge himself to come up with something deeper or, at the very least, different.”

After the Rehearsal

L’Autre Monde Radio-Webzine (FR) “The games of opposition, the gap between the lightness of the music and the gravity of the lyrics, carried by this soft and clear voice, make this album a beautiful work of art.”
Screaming for years (EN)
Dark Life Experience (EN-DE) “Jackson VanHorn brings with “After the Rehearsal” a sophisticated, great album to the listeners, which one cannot and should not elude.”
Sanctuary (CZ)
Dark Entries (NL)
Class of Sounds (PT) “More than a good record, After the Rehearsal is Jackson VanHorn’s starting point for more important flights, since the material presented here owes absolutely nothing to the names of the so-called “post-punk revival”.”
Threshold Magazine (PT)
Darkness Calling (EN – interview)
Spill magazine (EN)

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