Twin Tribes “Altars”


Digipack / Dark Wave / Remixes / Manic Depression


2 panels Digipack including remixes of Twin Tribes albums “Shadows” (2018) and “Ceremony” (2019)
Post Punk, Dark Wave
Manic Depression (MD138)

released April 9, 2021

The River (Skeleton Hands Remix)*
Tower of Glass (Geometric Vision Remix)**
Dark Crystal (Luz Futuro Remix)**
Fantasmas (Ash Code Remix)*
Perdidos (Cult of Alia Remix)*
Upir (NITE Remix)*
Exilio (Wingtips Remix)*
Shadows (Matte Blvck Remix)**
Still in Still (Dave Parley Remix)***
Portal to the Void (She Past Away Remix)**
Avalon (Bootblacks Remix)*
Talisman (Creux Lies Remix)**

* taken from “Ceremony”
** taken from “Shadows”
*** taken from the “Wild Tongue” compilation

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