Zuruck Placenta

At the beginning they were CAPHARNAÜM, then APOLLONS DEPRESSIFS
During the 80s, the name and line-up changed regularly until 1988 by the name of ZURÜCK PLACENTA.
ZURÜCK PLACENTA’s music is a mix of powerfull Cold-wave and dark 80’s gothic rock, with some industrial influences, and even Hard-Core…
The band has a strong personnality and a sharp and heavy sound, obvious influences, but well inetrated…
In a Post-Punk attitude (DIY), ZP will release a first demo in 1990, then the self-titled album in 1992, produced by Jean Taxis (Asylum Party, Babel 17, Complot Brünswick, Norma Loy…).
ZP splited in late 1992, leaving behind them a unique and mythical album, which deserves its rank among the weird and cult temple of French Cold-Wave.