The Cemetary Girlz

The Cemetary Girlz, Goth/Deathrock band founded in 2006 by AlienSPagan and Manu Zorch in 2006, joined by Romeo on bass (Ex Sleeping Children), the band’s image revolves around Goth, 80s, vampires, old horror movies and supernatural stories. After a demo that had a huge success in the underground scene, they released their first album in 2009 Smoke my brain with Little Spigaou on guitar brings a Post Punk/Cold side, mixed by Divarre (ex Deadchovsky/Castrati), the band will tour in Europe in many festivals.

Manu Z and Romeo leave the band for professional reasons, Elvira joins the band on bass, and AlienSPagan starts playing guitar, Divarre joins the band on drums. In 2011 they play at the Wave Gotik Treffen in front of a full house, the band proudly represents the ‘Dark French’ scene around the world, Europe, Russia, Brazil. In 2013 they released their second album “Opus Vitae”, which was well received by the public, and toured again and again abroad, in 2015 after their concert in Paris at La Maroquinerie alongside Modern English, the band decided to take a break, even to stop. Elvira took a different path, Divarre moved to Scotland.

In 2021 AlienSPagan and Divarre decide to relaunch the band, they are joined by a friend of Alien, Sioux Side on bass, who will bring another dimension to the compositions, more ‘dark’ they release the first single ‘The Wanderer’ of their future album. In 2022 they hit the road, Portugal, and a tour in Mexico, the fans are present, and enthusiastic about the new songs and the new line up.

The band has been around for 16 years, touring alongside The Chameleons, The Damned, Cinema Strange, Danse Society, and many others, playing international Goth festivals Wave Gotik Treffen, Gothic Pogo Festival, Lumous Gothic (Finland), Woodgothic (Brazil), Gotham Nights (Norway), has established itself abroad as a pioneer of the French ‘Goth/Batcave/Deathrock’ revival of the 2000s, The Cemetary Girlz has become a legend and an influence for many bands today.

The album L’Envol du corbeau is a dark, gothic, melancholic, post-punk tinged album. Led by crows, we travel through villages, forests, full of supernatural stories, we meet vampires, to be listened to of course, while walking in the cemetery.