Nox Novacula

Emanating from the pallid, meager cemetery known as Seattle, Washington, Nox Novacula assumed the form of flesh in 2017 in an attempt to spread their hymns of gothic rock n’ roll to the unassuming masses. Nox Novacula breathes a breath of cold, dead air over the corpse of the modern goth and death rock scene.

The squad has released “The Beginning” in 2019 on Bat Cave Productions, a compilation of their first misdeeds.

After scouring the rafts in the United States and spreading their leaden Death Rock in Europe with the unlikely but convincing companionship of darkwave Profit Prison, also from Seattle, Nox Novacula emerges from forced isolation with “Ascension”, an album that is both rough and emotional, and that exudes an urgency to bring out a strange beauty in the darkness that surrounds us.