Dear Deer

Dear Deer : revue de presse

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Best Magazine (FR) “Don’t miss it”
Longueur d’Ondes (FR)
Side Line (EN) “Dear Deer sounds like it’s in constant progress”
Luminous Dash (B) “With this third album, Dear Deer managed to make us long for the dance floor, but at the same time they managed to incorporate a kind of new sonic serenity into the tracks.”
Muzzart (FR)
BenzineMag (FR)
Benzine (FR – interview)
Muzzart (FR- Interview)
Post (EN)
IndieMusic (FR)


More than Sounds – Interview (FR)
El Garage de Frank Interview (EN-FR-ES)
Dans ta Face B (Interview – FR)
Le Bombardier – interview (F)
Guts of Darkness (F)
Schwarzesbayern (D)
Threshold magazine (PT)
Mes encientes font défaut (F)
La Letra capital (ES)
ArtNoir (D)
Dark Entries (NL)

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